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Diseases of Beneficial Invertebrates (DBI)


The division DBI addresses diseases of invertebrates that are generally considered as non-pest species. This covers aquatic and terrestrial invertebrates considered to be ecologically or economically beneficial. These include, but are not limited to crustaceans, molluscs, insects and arachnids. The division will focus on the pathology and host-pathogen interface within these various host groups and will address significant “bigger picture” issues that can be studied via these relationships (e.g. climate change, ocean acidification, epizootiology, pollination, disease mitigation). These broad themes will form the basis of dedicated symposia that will occur during the annual meetings of the Society.

In particular, the Division DBI aims to attract those pathologists and disease experts with an interest in pathogens and pathology of aquatic animals of commercial and ecological significance and seeks to improve the standing of this discipline in the wider Society of Invertebrate Pathology.