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Welcome to the NEMATODES Division


The Nematode Division is an association of scientists, students, and other professionals that are involved with nematode diseases of invertebrates. Topics of interest include all applied and fundamental aspects of entomopathogenic nematology. Although entomopathogenic nematodes (parasitic nematodes having a mutualistic relationship with bacteria) are the primary focus of most members, other entomoparasitic nematodes are of considerable interest as well.

The objectives of the Division include:

  • To promote the study of entomopathogenic nematodes and their mutualistic bacteria within SIP and throughout the scientific community.
  • To exchange ideas, report research, and foster cooperation among entomopathogenic nematologists and scientists in closely related disciplines.
  • To advance education related to nematode diseases of invertebrates, and address related issues that may be of concern to scientists and the general public.

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    (Image information and sources (clockwise from upper left): Steinernema/Xenorhabdus infected white grub (A. Koppenhöfer); bioluminescence of Photorhabdus bacteria in infected host (D. Fenolio); Steinernema infective juveniles emerging from a host (J. Campbell); Xenorhabdus spp. primary form bacteria on agar plate (J. Christen); Steinernema infective juveniles (P. Stock); Steinernema carpocapsae infective juvenile standing/nictating (J. Campbell); and entomopathogenic nematode lifecycle (A. Koppenhöfer).)


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    Division of Nematodes - 2009 Annual Meeting of the Society for Invertebrate Pathology, Park City, Utah