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Welcome to the Virus Division

The Virus Division is an association of invertebrate virologists who aim to support basic and applied research on invertebrate viruses. Members of the division include virologists, molecular biologists, cell biologists, epidemiologists, ecologists and phytochemists, who discuss and exchange ideas, knowledge and experience with the biology of invertebrate viruses. Practical applications of the study of invertebrate viruses include the protection of beneficial invertebrates (e.g. silkworms, shrimp) from virus infection, and the use of viruses for management of insect pests. The use of insect viruses in pest management is a particularly strong emphasis within the division.

Our objectives are

  • To facilitate interaction among scientists who have a special interest in viruses of invertebrates.
  • To facilitate the exchange of information among scientists interested in viruses of invertebrates, regardless of their primary interests, through symposia, workshops, and printed and electronic media.
  • To provide an organization through which matters relevant to the study of invertebrate viruses may be presented for discussion and appropriate action.