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Virus Division Symposium:
Title: “Evolution of traits and host usage by the related polydnaviruses, baculoviruses, nudiviruses, and salivary gland hypertrophy viruses”
Organizers:  Mike Strand, Elisabeth Herniou, and Michel Cusson
Speakers: Just Vlak, Drion Boucias, Annie Bezier, Gaelen Burke, Natalie Volkoff


Cross-Divisional Symposium:
Virus Division and Division of Diseases of Beneficial Invertebrates
Title: “Invertebrate Innate Immunity”
Organizers: Elke Genersch (DBI) and Lorena Passarelli (Virus).
Speakers:  Michael Kanost, Eric (Sam) Loker, Bryony Bonning, Jay Evans


Title:  “Invertebrate Virus Discovery” (to be held after the Virus Division business meeting)
Organizer: Bryony Bonning (Virus Division)
Speaker:  Sijun Liu