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Bacteria Division Symposium

Title: “Reflections on Bt Mode of Action”

Organizer: Neil Crickmore and Raffi Aroian

“Post-binding events in the mechanism of action of Bt toxins and parallels with mammalian pore-forming toxins”
Raffi Aroian, University of California San Diego, USA

“A critical evaluation of current models for Bt toxin action”
Jean-Louis Schwartz, Montreal University, Canada

“Learning the ABCs of Bt”
David Heckel, Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology, Germany

“Structure/function studies reveal the evolution of pore-forming toxins in bacteria and mammals”
Rodney Tweten, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, USA

Cross-Divisional Symposium:

Fungus and Bacteria Divisions
Title: Ecology of entomopathogenic co-infections
Organizers: Christina Nielsen-LeRoux and Helen Hesketh

“Bacterial-fungal interactions in C. elegans”
Eleftherios Mylonakis, Alpert Medical School and Brown University, USA

“Virulence evolution with mixed intra-and inter-specific fungal infections in honeybee”
Lana Vojvodic, University of Arizona, USA

“Exploiting entomopathogen co-infections for biological control: current status and future directions”
Helen Hesketh, Natural Environment Research Council, UK

“Interactions between fungi in Plutella xylostella larvae – which parameters have the greatest influence on the outcome of dual inoculations?”
Ariel Guzman Franco, Postgrado en Fitosanidad-Entomologia y Acarologia, Montecillo, Mexico