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Microbial Control


Microbial Control Division Symposium:
Title: "Duking It Out - Interactions Between Introduced Microbial Pest Control Agents and Indigenous Microflora"

Organizers: Stefan Jaronski and Pasco Avery


Cross-Divisional Symposium:
Microbial Control and Nematode Divisions
Title: “Trait Stability and Improvement"

Organizers: Stephan Jaronski and David Shapiro Ilan


“Trait stability and improvement in viruses”
Johannes Jehle

“Trait stability and improvement in bacteria”
Brian Federici 

“Trait stability and improvement in Fungi”
Stefan Jaronski

“Trait stability and improvement in Nematodes”
D. Shapiro-Ilan, B. Adams, S. Hazir, & R. Ehlers.


Microbial Control Workshop:
To Be Announced